A Girl and Her Dream


Yu Kosh’s story began in a small town on the island of Jamaica with Sherie’s grandmother, Ms. Leila, who took the simplest ingredients and created mouthwatering meals over an open fire. When Sherie went off to high school—a boarding school for girls—she took what she learned from Ms. Leila with her. Sherie first lived off campus with a family of expatriates from England and experienced bland British cooking for the first time. One evening, the family’s matriarch cooked curried pork, and Sherie knew she had to step in. So she offered to help make the family’s dinners—and has been making meals for family, friends and customers since.

A graduate of the Culinary Management Program at the University of Technology in Jamaica and Le Cordon Bleu’s Patisserie Management program, Sherie has worked in the culinary industry for nearly thirty years. She honed her skills in the kitchens of major hotels in Jamaica and South Florida and the convenience food service operations of the Publix supermarket chain.

Sherie opened Yu Kosh to provide fresh, authentic and tropical meals inspired by her grandmother, Ms. Leila, and flavors from around the world.

Our Name Yu Kosh means hello. It’s a greeting used among friends that asks if you’re okay while simultaneously saying hello. You kosh?